Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm not normally a USC fan, but I think I could make an exception.

Playboy College Party School Rankings 2011

Here is the official list of the top 10 college party schools of 2011 as reported by Playboy. Check out top college party schools for past lists, and a chance to vote for the school YOU think should be the #1 party school.

1. University of Colorado at Boulder
2. Penn State Univeristy
3. Arizona State University
4. University of Western Ontario
5. University of Texas at Austin
6. University of Wisconsin
7. University of Georgia
8. University of Tennessee, Knoxville
9. University of Central Florida
10. University of California, Santa Barbara

Sexy College Girl

She makes me completely reevaluate my opinion of Stanford.

College Parties & College Girls

The premise of this blog is pretty simple. I have been doing a lot of painstaking research on college party themes for my website, and after scouring tons of different websites, I decided I would create something of a side project to really focus on two of my things, college girls and college parties. I hope you enjoy!